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"Cadence Myles
Take Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Jill Scott, 311, Prince, and Usher and put them into one human...presenting Cadence Myles!"



Cadence Myles was born to make music. So, for all who have ears, let them hear and be moved! Starting on pots and pans and fisher price xylophones, she has worked her way to being a self-taught singer/songwriter and a talented drummer. She played in several band classes in middle school and high school, in addition to taking private drum lessons and some piano lessons. She never took guitar lessons. She graduated high school and applied to only one college. Thank goodness Berklee let her in! After twelve years of drumming and almost as much time with the guitar, she is focusing on her dreams. For now, you'll find her at The Queer Arts Center - cohosting the Oakland QT Open Mic and The Brown Low), local venues, and rolling around San Francisco and the Bay Area strumming and drumming. Some of her originals are available for listening on this site. Currently, she's working on a number of musical projects, as well as collaborating with new musical partners. Shows and open mics will be posted as they come. ​

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