Queer Crocheting Circle

THURSDAYs - 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

Are you a crafter looking for a space to be in the company of others as you work on your crocheting projects? Are you a beginner seeking a fun workshop?
Or an intermediate to a more advanced crafter seeking a circle of other crocheters to share your projects with
This Queer Crocheting Circle welcomes you!

Crocheting needn't be a solo hobby! Sometimes it can be a little isolated. I seek to empower people and bolster each other's ability to make crocheted items with community support and my crochet projects. I will take you through two 1-2 week beginner's crochet project each month and host a show-and-tell at the end of each month!

I'm Jordan Green - my passion is to crochet. I come from a crafty family so I dabble in knitting, sewing, jewelry making, painting, sculpture, and origami.

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