Guerrilla Davis

- Center Art Gallery Lead CoCurator 
- Racism Under The Rainbow Facilitator

Guerrilla Davis is an Afro-Filipino First Generation Oakland based DJ, Photographer, and Community Organizer. He has over 13 years of experience working on-the-ground supporting the creative needs of grassroots social justice movements and historically marginalized creatives. He is passionate about using art as a medium to organize, heal, and leverage resources that cultivate creative energy, solidarity and empowerment through collective expression.  A self-described modern day “Scribe,” Guerrilla’s work seeks to honor the beauty of cultural resilience, capturing the power of come-unity co-creating towards justice and liberation.  


Guerrilla is a founding member and lead organizer of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, a collective of community-based artists creating at the margins for cultural r/evolution.  Through their fundraiser dance parties, bi-monthly radio broadcast, and creative support services, We Are The Ones is empowering community through Creative Resistance - using art, music, and come-unity engagement as transformative tools for social change.


We Are The Ones works to liberate the creative spirits of The People and explore the impacts of genuine self expression rooted in authenticity, love and liberation. They co-create to build people power and promote cultural equity, reclaiming and radicalizing resources lost to poverty, racism, and social marginalization. 


Since the formation of We Are The Ones in December 2018, they have organized and hosted over 20 events - booking and collaborating extensively with over 100 QTBIPOC artists on a local and international level. As of April 2020, they have raised over $11,000 in emergency funds for community in need, provided creative support services to over 30 queer and trans creatives of color, and have been published in 16 popular publications with a nationwide audience including Afropunk, East Bay Express, KQED,  HIV Plus Magazine, Advocate Magazine, and

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