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I am currency the Program Director of the Food Pantry and Manager at the Queer Arts Healing Center.  I grew up and attended my schooling in San Francisco.  During my Junior year my family moved to the East Oakland area where I resided till I left for college.  Once I finished my college education at San Francisco State University moved back to Oakland, the Tech Boom and flight of the African American families leaving Oakland and moving more inland.  I didn't like what was happening to Oakland because my family had just experienced the same while living in San Francisco.  As a result of this, I wanted to volunteer and partner with organizations that were dedicated to servicing marginalized black and brown communities, the LGBTQ community and entities that are also focused on creating dialogue with the non-black/brown communities with the objective of making Oakland and the world today, the best place to live.  I have volunteered to work with SF Pride, Oakland Price and Queer Spectrum Media.  My greatest joy is working with the youth today and entailing in them that they can do and be anything they want if they believe and never give up.  In my spare time I enjoy dancing, the arts and spending time with my family.

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